W.B. Yeats wrote: “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” That is what education at Emmanuel is all about: Lighting a flame, sparking curiosity- it’s not about thinking apart from living. It IS living, alive, informed, in wonder.

Youth Exploration

Sunday School is held each Sunday, beginning with the children’s time with Pastor Leanne at the beginning of 9:30 AM Worship, beginning in September and ending in May.

Adult Studies

Tuesday morning Bible Studies each week in the church library from 10-11 AM each week.

Homebrewed Faith – last Wednesday of the month at Rosati’s in Oconomowoc

What is Homebrewed Faith?  

For some of us, we grew up in the church and were given our faith by our parents and teachers–we were told what to believe. Some of that faith was beneficial and sometimes it wasn’t. Sometimes it was shallow and there may or may not have been room for questions.

Homebrewing, whether it be beer or kombucha or tea, became a thing in people’s home, taking the raw traditional ingredients and mixing them with modern or local ingredients to create something new.

Homebrewed Faith is a chance to do that: taking seriously the history and traditions of Christianity and reflecting on them for our modern world, creating and choosing a faith of our own.

Everyone is welcome, any or no beliefs, just openings to conversations, opinions, and growth. This is a joint project with First Congregational, Oconomowoc and will be held the last Wednesday of the month, 7pm, at the Delafield Brewhaus, 3832 Hillside Dr, Delafield.

There will be no Home-Brewed Faith event in December.

Morning Brew 8:30-10 FIRST THURSDAY OF THE MONTH at Sunnyside Restaurant on Hwy. 67 in Dousman.

Stop in to chat with Pastor Leanne, have breakfast or just a cup of coffee with her!

Interested in learning more?

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or inquiries. We look forward to hearing from you!