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You come to a bend in the road of life and you know you just need a spiritual lift.

So it is with A New Common Ground at 36821 Sunset Drive, around the bend on Highway 18 just west of Dousman, not far from Oconomowoc.

Nestled behind a church on the bend of that highway are lovely grounds established more than 135 years ago by pioneering seekers. Now that space will be home to gatherings of A New Common Ground, at the Wednesday night supper of locally grown sustainable foods, shared by 21st century seekers.

The evening meal is shared among friends who come from all kinds of faith backgrounds or none at all—each one is invited to enjoy local produce prepared by volunteer chefs and lively conversation about things that matter to our spirits.

This Spiritual Time and Supper is from 5:30 to 6:30-ish, including programs. Each Gathering includes some Quiet Time with Candlelight. In our conversations over good food, we hope to find some new common ground. Films, speakers, and shared messages are part of the programs. We hope folks leave “lifted” in spirit and fed for their journeys!

There are also fun ‘growing’ projects for kids, including junior chefs! There’s a play room and nap room for the very smallest ones, in the safety of Emmanuel UCC , the church that offers A New Common Ground to grown-ups and children.

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