• "Emmanuel is a wonderful 'come as you are' party for the soul." - Alex Langreder

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  • "This church has restored my faith in organized religion." - Ron Blaschuk

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  • "There's nothing fake. I'm comfortable here because the people are real and just...normal." - Jim Langreder

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  • "The way we conduct ourselves, both as a church and individually, makes me proud to be a member of Emmanuel." -Tom Stelling

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  • "Emmanuel is small enough to enable us to share our joys and sorrows, yet we make a difference in our community and beyond.." - Kris Davidson

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  • "There is so much love, kindness, and hard work that goes into Emmanuel. I am fortunate to be a recipient of so much of it" - Virginia Galloway

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Looking for a faith community? Somewhere to explore questions of grace and life? Somewhere to grow in your spirit? Then you belong with Emmanuel UCC.

We're an intimate Open and Affirming community with a little bit of everybody. We are male and female, young and old, married, divorced, single, gay, straight, employed, unemployed–shades of all colors and lifestyles, working together to continue the work Christ began. Our worship Is alive with praise, drama and humor, with challenging in-depth exploration anchored in deep meditation and prayer. And we like potlucks. And we're really, really friendly!

We are Emmanuel UCC, and we look forward to welcoming you as part of our family in Christ!





Sunday, August 13
10:30 AM on the patio (weather permitting)
Bring pets, pictures of pets or stuffed animals for a blessing! 



Saturday, August 26

8 AM - 4 PM


                                                               Your Journey with Christ requires nourishment.
                                                                    Your spirit can find deep peace.

                                                               We dream of being the progressive voice of Christ.
                                                                    Help us make the Emmanuel Dream come true.

                                                              Our faith is over 2,000 years old.
                                                                   Our thinking is not.